About the IAC

The Institute for Applied Creativity is a forum for collaboration among domains and disciplines intent on creating a radiant future.  We champion combinations of experimental, rational, intuitive, and analytical methods to realize tangible accomplishments. The inherent creativity of individuals, the deep knowledge within disciplinary practice and research, and the rapid pace of transformation in society collectively contribute to an institute that exercises iterative, regenerative, and nimble practices. As an aggregator of 21st Century knowledge and expertise, a matchmaker crossing academic, community and business boundaries, and a catalyst for realizing transformative ideas, our research, education and outreach initiatives focus on the process of creation, a keystone of innovation. Today's societal challenges are of such a magnitude of complexity that multiple areas of expertise are needed to design effective solutions. We address critical problems shared by communities throughout the world, beginning locally and translating solutions for global contexts. 





Photographs above by Yomi Adenuga. Apps shown by Soft Interaction Lab.