Geoffrey J. Booth

Mr. Booth's educational background in real estate finance, investment, and reporting, and public administration incorporates administrative history and theory, public policy formulation, legal systems, and urban design and planning. 

Mr. Booth's professional background includes an emphasis on global economic development. He has contributed expertise as Director of Corporate Development, General Manager and Company Director of Tobishima, Japan, and as Vice President, Global Development, Urban Land Institute, where he built collaborative partnerships with Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, and Mexico. His experience and expertise with interfaces between academic, nonprofit, and business domains is a key factor in the mission of the Institute to creatively and professionally enter into cross-domain partnerships, as well as to make international connections, a critical factor in the sustainability and success of the Institute. 

His scholarly work incorporates a focus on revitalization and reinvention for urban and suburban districts from Australia to the United States, and examines innovative methods for future growth. Mr. Booth has written on "Education First" principles, where academic research enriches teaching and provides service to the community. This is well in line with the Institute's mission to creatively weave opportunities with a focus on 21st century learning, scholarship, and outreach.