Rodney Culver Hill

Among Professor Hill's many awards in the past few years, he has received the Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence; the Harold L. Adams Interdisciplinary Professorship in Architecture; the Eppright University Professorship in Undergraduate Teaching Excellence, the Association of Former Students College Level Distinguished Achievement Award; and the Student Led Award for Teaching Excellence.

Professor Hill's teaching excellence inspired the creation of the Institute for Applied Creativity. His interests and background in future studies, innovation and invention, Environmental Psychology, creativity, Architecture, and sculpture all combine to help build a fundamental vision for the Institute. The growing community of Fellows will greatly benefit from his contributions for vision and insight in all initiatives. Professor Hill is a member of several professional societies, including the Texas Society of Architects, American Institute of Architects, Brazos Valley Society of Architects, American Creativity Association, and the He has presented papers at international conferences on the subjects of creativity and education. He is the subject of media interviews and journal articles on innovation and creativity.

More information about Rodney Hill can be found here andhere.