Stephen Caffey, Ph.D.

As Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Dr. Caffey greatly contributes to collaborative, multi-disciplinary initiatives within the Institute. Dr. Caffey's areas of expertise focusing on visual and spatial literacies, the Digital Humanities, and Historic Vernacular Architecture of Non-Western Cultures contribute history and theory of the Arts, Architecture, and Humanities to the Institute, helping to fulfill its mission of balancing technical, cultural, and historical expertise.

Dr. Caffey is passionately committed to the success of those he mentors. In recognition of this, he received the Texas A&M University Student Recognition Award for Teaching Excellence in 2010, and the 2011 Texas A&M University Wells Fargo Honors Faculty Mentor of the Year. He is collaborating with the College of Liberal Arts on the Humanities Visualization Space, Integration of Multidisciplinary Research and Creative Activities into the Learning Experience Grant, 2012-2014. Together with his active record of interaction with national and international artists, museums, collections, and curators, Dr. Caffey is an integral contributor to outreach in service of history and aesthetics for the Institute.

A portion of Dr. Caffey's scholarly interests involve technology transfer, for example, to repurpose Building Information Modeling (BIM) and game authoring technologies into a versatile platform for generating virtual sensory and emotional experiences of architectural and cultural heritage. Another project aims to create a new partnership of architects and engineers for the aesthetic and scientific conception of building design. Dr. Caffey's innovative explorations of technology and humanities transfer are the creative spark that dynamically builds bridges for the Institute in pursuit of new initiatives.

Dr. Caffey is a Winslow Homer scholar and also has a blog called "Culture Mechanism".