Anna Dumitriu and Alex May Schedule

(Some times and locations may change, please check back here the week before)


Monday, March 5 

4-6 pm:                 Opening reception at the Wright Gallery


Tuesday, March 6

12-3pm                 Workshop 1, Anna Dumitriu in Langford A

                               "BioArt and Bacteria"



Wednesday, March 7


12-3 pm                Workshop 2, Alex May in Langford A

                               "Video Mapping with Painting with Light"


5-7 pm                  Artists' lectures, Health Sciences 

                                Health Sciences, HPEB LL30 (Health Professionals Education Building) Directions here.


Thursday, March 8


9:30 -11:30 am     Workshop 3, Anna Dumitriu and Alex May in Langford A

                               "The Collaborative Process"