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SEAD academy

IAC partners with SEAD Academy for summer course 

The Institute for Applied Creativity partnered with AdventGX in Bryan, Texas, to help nurture creativity and entrepreneurship in our community’s youth. Last summer, the IAC joined SEAD Academy, an informal summer learning and entrepreneurship program pioneered for the past three years by AGX, to inspire innovation, creativity, and leadership through combining entrepreneurship with STEM challenges, facilitated by human-centered design. The program engages students to create inventions using digital technology. Future summer sessions are planned.



Rothstein character designs

MFA student joins Southeastern Conference on creativity and innovation

MFA in Visualization student Adam Rothstein exhibited his work at the third-annualSoutheastern Conference (SEC) Symposium, September 20-22 at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. Rothstein's MFA work involves fundraising, producing, and directing "Rare Model," a science fiction short based on an award winning screenplay by Cody Pearce. A team of collaborators throughout Texas will design and produce costumes sets, 3D printed props, and digital special effects. At the conference, Rothstein was accompanied by a character in costume, to help demonstrate how creativity can infuse regional economies by blending art, design, craft, visualization, and technical skills. The 2015 SECU event was entitled “Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Driving a 21st Century Economy.” Led by the University of Florida, the 2015 SEC Symposium focused  on the role universities play in preparing students to be entrepreneurial, innovative and creative thinkers and explored the ways universities impact the economy. Rothstein's exhibition was sponsored by the Texas A&M Office of the Provost and the IAC.

Image: Costume designs by Hemal Patel