PechaKucha Bryan


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PechaKucha Bryan, vol. 18- Brew

Join us at Grand Stafford Theater at 7pm on Tuesday, March 5 for an evening of presentations ranging in topic improvisational comedy to the art of brewing beer. Here are the speakers and their presentations:

Brady Grimes

Life is but a Dream (or could be)

Children and young adults spend an ever increasing amount of time lost in the narratives of video games, movies, and television. But is that all bad? How imagination and creativity played a defining role in my own life and thoughts on how we leverage the fantastic for good. 


Marisa Grimes

Haba na Haba -- Giving Small 

It is impossible to have lived in Tanzania for 4+ years without hearing some of their many methali, or proverbs, often. It is also impossible to not land on a favorite: haba na haba hujaza kibaba, which translates most succinctly to: little by little, the pot is filled. There is so much that this methali could be applied to, but for this talk, I'm going to speak about the incredible power of making small donations. If we each directed just a few bucks to the right organizations every month, the drastic ripple effects we'd create could change the trajectory of people and communities around the globe. 


Jennifer Hargis

Improvisational Comedy

Improv is comedy without a net. There are always some guidelines, but never a script. Rather than explain the process, which can often be as simple as making things up as one goes along, Off-Center Improv troupe is going to actually give a PechaKucha presentation based on photos they’ve never seen before. 


Jennifer Briggs

Rediscovering Creativity at the School of Innovation

How her new role as Creative Manager at the School of Innovation (I-School) allowed her to rediscover her creativity and how it helped shape the trajectory of the I-School.


Dennis Gore

Stesti Brewing Company: Brewing Czech-Style in Texas

Dennis Gore will talk about the artistry of brewing.



Admission is free with a suggested donation of $10, and is open to the general public.