PechaKucha Bryan

PechaKucha Bryan, vol. 16- Ursa

Join us at Grand Stafford Theater at 7pm on September 25 for an evening of presentations ranging in topic from nurturing to entrepreneurialism. Our speakers will be:

Dr. Dawn Jourdan

Changing the World, One Young Person at a Time

Adults are often quick to make decisions that affect young people or on their behalves.  They take for granted that children, even very young ones, have strong ideas about the world and their place in it.  This presentation seeks to explore and advocate for a stronger role for youth in decision making.


Laurie Lisonbee

Posture/Gesture: Paintings of Laurie Lisonbee

Laurie Lisonbee will show her artworks of the human figure in yoga postures as metaphors for states of being. Depictions of bodily contortions and mudras of the hand are crafted into relic-like objects.  From art historical sources, junk piles, and yoga practice, Lisonbee derives a painting process akin to devotional meditation.


Leslie Ruyle

Entrepreneurship surrounded by Guerrillas and Gorillas

How can Entrepreneurship in a region of Conflict, limited Connectivity, and Conservation concern (EC3) help people and protect the environment? I’m testing this idea in Beni, North Kivu close to the border of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This location provides an excellent example of Entrepreneurship in the 3C context. Virunga is a World Heritage Site (Conservation), the electricity comes primarily from generators and there are no paved roads in the province (Connectivity), and the region has been in conflict for over 20 years (Conflict).


Kate Fly

I’d like to tell you a story

The magnificence in truth-telling and the healing power it offers the community. Speaking authentically can be one of the greatest gifts and challenges we face. Learn what happens when respectful listening meets acceptance in some of the toughest classrooms. Truth has the power to heal - it’s up to all of us whether we choose to make the courageous leap forward to make a change. 


Marci Corry

Positive Approach to Turning the Trend of Distracted Driving

After a student lost his life from a driver texting in College Station, TX, Marci Corry decided to make an impact on safe driving in communities throughout Texas. After researching behavior change and observing that her young children responded well with positive reinforcement, Corry decided to encourage people in a positive way to stay off their phones while driving. She founded SAFE 2 SAVE in October 2016.


Admission is free with a suggested donation of $10, and is open to the general public.