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PechaKucha 10 - Tuesday, Feb 28 @ 7 pm

On Tuesday, February 28 at Grand Stafford Theater we enjoyed presentations from Annalea Verchinsky, Aaron Stockwell, Negar Kalantar, Jennifer Hargis, and Jose Quintana. Our wide variety of topics this time is comprised of the following:


MOTION + eMOTION: The Aesthetics of Movement in Architecture 

Negar Kalantar explored the concept of transformability as a novel architectural design tool. In her work, motion itself is the design intention. Her creations take advantage of both the perceptual and functional qualities that movement can offer.


Hand Drumming Is Fun and Good for You

Annalea Verchinsky talked about the benefits of hand drumming, which range from pure enjoyment to helping with relaxation, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.


The Secret Religion of Americas' Leaders

Aaron Stockwell looked at several well-known men and women from American history, and examined how their religious beliefs influenced their contributions to American progress.   


The History of Film as It Pertains to Buster Keaton

Jennifer Hargis talked about the origins of motion pictures and of Buster Keaton, as well as the rise in popularity of both. She will also talk about how film influenced Keaton and how Keaton influenced film. 

Ice House on Main - Heritage Preservation in Support of Community Development

Jose Quintana discussed AdventGX's heritage preservation model - a process that leverages a community centric mix of entrepreneurship, the arts, and science in support of the development of sustainable heritage preservation. The model is market demand driven along three sustainable development vectors: financial, social and environmental.

All presentations are posted on our global PechaKucha page.

We hope to see you at the next event!