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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Frederic Parke, Ph.D.

As Program Coordinator and Professor, Department of Visualization, Dr. Parke greatly contributes to collaborative, multi-disciplinary initiatives within the Institute.

Dr. Parke's areas of expertise, and his dedication to collaborative engagement across arts and sciences broadly, serve the Institute well in forming a community of scholars, especially in relation to digital technology. In his former role of Technical lead for IBM's Human Centered Technologies and Strategy for Graphics Systems between 1991 and 1996, he pioneered systems for animation and modeling in use today. Dr. Parke has contributed a seminal, pioneering textbook on computer facial animation, and teaches a course in it annually.  His knowledge of computing for visualization, his dedication to mentoring students, and his interest and engagement with the arts are a fundamental linchpin for developing virtual and physical, digital systems in service of Institute goals. Among his areas of research is design of immersive systems.

Dr. Parke has also served as a consultant for national and international businesses in the area of digital technologies, including Kodak, Tektronix, Owens Corning, Goodyear, Grumman, and American Analytics.